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Industrial letters evoke work, strength, and ingenuity. These sturdy letters are the result of craftsmanship, materials, and the need to survive conditions that obliterate fine serifs and hairline strokes. Lettering used in Russian constructivist propaganda posters was similar. Alphabets with few curves and modular forms heralded a new era of machines and the workers who would use them.

Ironstrike pays homage to industrial and constructivist lettering. Rigid shapes and tall lowercase letters evoke strength and technology. Seven weights with matching italic fonts step up to your tough design challenges. Fine light weights emphasize white space and powerful heavy weights pump up extreme headlines. An intense 17.5° italic slant makes words scream across the page. OpenType tablular figures and arbitrary fractions tackle numbers. Fourteen stencil fonts provide a full range of matching display fonts. And support for over 130 languages lets you address readers around the world. Make Ironstrike your tactical tool for commanding attention.

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