Licensing Support

If you have any questions not answered on this page please contact us.

What am I buying when I buy a font?
Fonts are digital intellectual property. Since they are not a tangible thing, we cannot really sell you the font itself. What we sell are licenses to use fonts. Desktop font licenses, web font licenses, app font licenses, and ebook font licenses are all different.

How many licenses do I need to buy?
Desktop fonts must be licensed for the total number of computers (CPU) a font will be installed on. Web fonts must be licensed for each web site (domain) a font will be used on. App and ebook fonts must be licensed for each app or ebook they will be used in.

Who needs to buy a license to use a font?
Everyone who will use a font must have a license to do so. If a graphic designer creates work for a client using a font, and transfers that work to the client, then the client also needs to buy a font license. And if a client gives a designer files to work with that include a font, the designer needs to buy a license.

How many computers can I use a font on?
A font license can installed on the number of computers specified when the license was purchased; this number will be on your receipt.

Can I share my font licenses with freelance designers?
Your font license only covers freelancers using computers owned by your business. You may not share fonts with freelancers to use in lieu of buying a license.

I am a designer, can I buy a license on behalf of my client?
Dunwich Type Founders EULA does allow designers to purchase font licenses on behalf of a client, but we recommend that the client purchase the font. Designer and client licenses must be separate purchases.

Can I use a font management server to manage DTF font licenses across multiple computers without buying a license for every single computer?
You must purchase a license for each computer that is able to activate font.

Can I convert fonts to web fonts?
No. Web font use requires a special license.

Can I make a custom version of a font?
You are free to customize the characters in a font after you have converted them to outlines in a program capable of editing vectors. You may not alter the font itself in any way. You may not use the font to create another font. If you need a custom version of one of our fonts please contact us to discuss creating a custom font.

Can I embed fonts in an app, program, video game, or integrate it into an electronic device.
No. Any form of font embedding required a special license. Please contact us to discuss your embedding needs.

Do you offer discounts for students, teachers, educational institutions, or nonprofits?
Yes. Please contact us about your needs.